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Our process begins with our sales and estimating team understanding your family’s needs, wants, and desires. We visit your home to gather measurements, photos, and review your architectural drawings. If you need an architect, we can connect you with the best architects in town. Tracie, our lead estimator, ensures clarity on budget allocation to make sure you are spending the right amounts in the areas that matter the most to you. Once the scope and budget align, we proceed to contract approval and deliver the project to our construction team.

Our dedicated Construction Team, led by experienced Project Managers Todd and Natalie, both architecture degree holders with 30+ years in high-end residential project management, ensures the seamless execution of your construction project.

They handle internal setup, communication, selections, changes, permitting, finances, and project organization. Recent additions such as Kelly, Ashlay, and Brian enhance our customer service efforts.

Licensed Builders and Construction Managers Glen and Steve, backed by Assistant Construction Managers Andrew and Andrew, bring over 30 years of hands-on experience to oversee quality, timely, and budget-friendly projects. They manage inspections, schedule trade partners, coordinate suppliers, and contribute hands-on expertise.

This collaborative team, driven by diverse backgrounds, consistently delivers exceptional results in both product and customer service. Their commitment to your project’s success and your satisfaction reflects our core values, backed by decades of building and management expertise.

Todd - Project Manager



Tracie - Lead Estimator



Steve - Construction Manager



Glen - Construction Manager



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Chris Lamphear



Chris, owner of LL Custom Contracting, started the business in 2003 and is a life-long Michigander. He loves to work with clients to build their dream home, add an addition or remodel their existing home to create enjoyable and functional living spaces. Chris is proud to be able to give back to the community he lives in and see dreams come to reality. He has experience of 20+ years in the home building, construction, and the remodeling industry, as well as a background in Mechanical Engineering attributed to his studies at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Chris has been married for over twenty-five years and has three children.  He is heavily involved in his church, volunteers his time to work with children, participates in mentorship programs, and dedicates several weeks per year to Christian Youth Camps to help with various with construction projects. Chris is a member of multiple associations for home builders and remodeling, plus business professional group Vistage.


  • I take full responsibility for our customer’s experience.
  • I do what I say I’m going to do.
  • I don’t overpromise and I’m able to deliver on commitments and balance competing priorities.
  • I do the little things, as well as the big things, that blow people away.
  • I seek out and listen to customers needs in order to develop ideas and solutions.
  • I respond to customers in a prompt, courteous and knowledgeable manner with thorough follow-up.
  • I challenge or question the status quo or traditional way of doing things and am open to new ideas even when things are going well.
  • I go the extra mile. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job, plus a little more.
  • I keep things fun, the world has bigger problems than the daily challenges that makes up my work. I don’t take things, or myself, too seriously. I laugh often.
  • I listen generously. Listening is more then just not speaking, I am present and engaged.
  • I take responsibility for representing our values when communicating externally and internally.
  • My verbal and written communication is concise, thoughtful and effective.
  • I keep others informed in a timely basis.
  • I treat my colleagues with respect and compassion by responding when appropriate in a timely and professional manner.
  • I communicate to be understood. I know my audience, write and speak in a way they can understand. I use the simplest possible explanation.
  • I choose courage over comfort by facing difficult tasks and conversations rather than avoiding them.
  • I stay aligned with my values when facing tough decisions.
  • I am willing to push back on tough decisions.
  • I reach out for help when I need it.
  • I ask for what I need instead of blaming others or feeling resentful.
  • When there is a setback, failure, or disappointment, I’m able to identify the key learnings and share them within the team and organization.
  • I regularly engage in self-development activities.
  • I recognize opportunities for process improvement and performance improvement.
  • I seek to learn something new on every project.
  • I am able to overcome resistance to change.
  • I am fully engaged. For example you will never hear me saying things like, “its not my job” or “its not my problem” or “I don’t care”, or acting as if I don’t care or am unwilling to own my problems.
  • I work to exceed expectations in every facet of my work.
  • I take initiative vs. always waiting for direction.
  • I practice integrity in all that I do by choosing to do what is right over what is fast, fun, easy or comfortable.
  • I hold myself accountable for my wellbeing versus blaming others or feeling resentful.
  • My deliverables are consistently on time and on task.
  • I maintain composure in a crisis and keep others focused and moving forward.
  • I bring meaningful strategy and ideas to the team vs. “ just following directions.”
  • I don’t judge others when they ask for help or for what they need.
  • I acknowledge when I can’t follow through on a commitment.
  • I’m flexible.
  • I am willing to talk about my emotions even if it feels awkward.
  • I recognize and congratulate others on their good work.
  • I take responsibility for developing and maintaining professional relationships with our team, service partners and customers.
  • I hold others accountable in a productive way.
  • I have direct, honest conversations with people rather than talking about them to others, or pretending that I agree in the name of “being polite.”
  • I show up to work and to meetings on time and well prepared.
  • I understand the company goals and priorities.
  • I always ask why. I don’t accept anything at “face value” if it doesn’t make sense to me, there is no better question then “why”, I never stop asking it.
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